Office Automation

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Office Automation

SI International (SII) is a company that provides numerous services to military organizations. While "SII" is primarily an Information Technology company, they have numerous contracts which extend beyond Information Technology. One of these contracts is the full service center at the Personnel Service Branch section for the United States Army. The center completes numerous tasks and other co-workers must interact with other co-workers in order for our section to operate smoothly. To complete these tasks efficiently, an "Office Automation Software Package" is required.

The most common office automation package on the market today is Microsoft Office. While this is the most common package, other packages are available such as "Corel Work Perfect" and Linux Applications such as "Open Office". The DOD mandates what applications are installed and the systems must strictly adhere to the "Microsoft Office Only" policies enforced at this location.

Office automation utilities a single package to complete multiple tasks such as the creation of databases, spreadsheets and creating documents all of which can be shared over the network. The commonality of these applications coupled with network access to documents and files provides a shared repository where the entire office can function as a unit regardless of the physical location and work schedules.

Coupled with the local network, many offices within an organization utilize several types of software simultaneously. Microsoft Office itself provides a large benefit to the section by providing E-Mail communication with Microsoft Outlook, prepare and present presentations with Microsoft Power Point, write memorandums with Microsoft Word, and create and maintain databases with Microsoft Excel, all of which are shared and co-workers can view and modify these documents as a group or team effort. The ARMY has created numerous home grown applications to access military records, many of which...

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