Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles.

Topics: Nutrition, Personal life, Health Pages: 3 (500 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Outline of the essay on Obesity
-What are realistic steps that could be taken to reduce obesity among Malaysian children? -Three things we could do to prevent obesity.
-Compose an essay describing each one in detail.

Points gained from researched articles
1. Changes in children’s physical activity
-Tend to play indoor games, watching TV rather than playing outdoor games. -Children’s time nowadays occupied with various classes. -Parents are worry to let the children outside.

2. Taking more fast, junk and packaged foods.
- Tend to be high in fat and calories.
- Easy way for busy parents to prepare food.
- Trendy food that preferred by children rather than fish and fresh vegetables.

3. Unawareness within the public of a healthy lifestyle.
- Do not allocate time for exercises.
- Do not care to know about healthy food or balanced diet. - No time for healthy activities with family members.

I. Introduction
General statement 1: The obese problem becomes more significant nowadays. General statement 2: Children are also having this problem. General statement 3: There are several causes for this health phenomenon. General statement 4: Some realistic steps could be taken to reduce obesity among Malaysian’s children.

II. Body
1. Main supporting point: Giving encouragement for the children to take part in outdoor games. a. Supporting Detail: Outdoor games could burn out more calories and would not accumulate excessive fats. b. Supporting Detail: Fresher air could be gained outside and helps them in growing healthier.

2. Main supporting point: Educate the public in healthy lifestyles. a. Supporting Detail: Continual campaigns through mass media. b. Supporting...
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