Wellbeing: Nutrition and Health Conscious People

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Health Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: October 30, 2009
Wellbeing Questions

1.Consumer trends led to the development of the Wellbeing concept – what were these trends?

The consumers have increasingly adopting a busy life style and getting short of time. That is why they don’t want to spend much time in either preparing or consuming food. Moreover, people are increasingly more aware of nutritional and healthy foods. Wellbeing capitalized on these two consumer trends and working with dieticians they developed nutritional foods that can be prepared and consumed quickly. Through this analysis we see that Wellbeing is focusing how to create a good value for their customer by develop nutritional foods as main value for their product with fast service as an important factor because “value is perceived by the customer” (Cravens, 2007, p.7)

2.Thinking in terms of the SWOT as outlined by Wellbeing, do you agree that their defined strength is the inexperience of their people and the diverse array of backgrounds they come from? Why?

In my opinion, the inexperience and diverse background of the workforce would be the strength only if they are trained and supervised by a well experienced staff. As the Wellbeing manager pointed out that they worked with dietician, which indicates that they definitely utilized the expertise of experienced professionals in the development of their product line. People from similar background experience, along with good habits, might also bring some bad habits. It is sometimes a good idea to recruit the staff with little or no experience so that they could be trained the way management wants. (Consumer behaviour).

3.Why is their weakness their size?

Their weakness is their size because wellbeing is a young company that has been around for just two years. It can be considered to be in a growth stage and it has not yet expanded enough and established itself as well as when compared with its competitors in the food industry. It has expanded itself to 16 stores which is just a start....
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