Nutrition and Diet: Questions and Answers

Pages: 4 (877 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Vanessa Flores
Nutrition 101
Professor Meltz
December 5, 2014

2. RDA/AI comparison (Nutrient Report)
a) Which subgroup (age/gender/life stage) of the RDA’s best describes you? I am 21 years old / female and my life stage is that I am very activate I play sports such as volleyball and I also go to the gym to work out. My workout routine mostly consists in weight lifting and 15-30 min cardio. b) List the nutrient recommendations that you met (OK) (UNDER) (ABOVE) On October 26,2014 the nutrient that I met (OK) The nutrients I exceeded(OVER) Nutrients: Minerals: Vitamins: -None for nutrients , minerals -Proteins -Copper Vitamin A and vitamins. -Carbohydrates -Iron Vitamin B6

-Dietary Fiber - Magnesium Folate
-Saturated Fat - Phosphorus Thiamin
-Cholesterol - Selenium Riboflavin
- Zinc Niacin

The nutrients I met (UNDER)
Nutrients: Minerals: Vitamins:
-Total Calories Calicum Vitamin B12
-Total Fat Potassium Vitamin C
-Linoleic Acid Vitamin D Vitamin E
Vitamin K

On October 27, 2014 the nutrient that I met (OK) Nutrients I exceeded (above) Nutrients: Minerals: Vitamins: None for nutrients Protein Copper Vitamin B6 Minerals and vitamins Carbohydrates Magnesium Vitamin C

Dietary Fiber Phosphorus Vitamin E Saturated Fat Selenium Vitamin K Linoelic Acid Zinc Folate Cholesterol Riboflavin...
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