Nursing Diagnosis

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A family can be a complex system. In order to successfully care for a family a nurse must have a good understanding of the beliefs, values and daily activities of the members that make up the family. Marjory Gordon's functional health patterns model can be a great tool if used successfully to get a basic understanding of the families health. Gordon developed eleven functional health patterns that help nurses to approach people and obtain data collection and to assess the health patterns of each individual as well as family. Based on the data collection in 11 functional health patterns, nurses can form nursing diagnoses and plan the treatment options as needed for each person and family. Gordon’s health model incorporates all the physical, mental and social aspects in collecting data.Collection of data on all health function pattern is an important tool to formulate nursing diagnoses. Using Gordon’s functional health patterns, this paper will summarize the findings of each health pattern as well as the family based nursing diagnosis of each assessment along with different health promotion strategies. I choose my own family to interview.

Healthy life styles, eating healthy foods, exercising and preventing stress are the basic requirements for health and the family members are trying to follow these in daily life. My family shows interest and awareness by getting their regular health checkups ones a year. My husband is diabetic so he requires more check ups and special attention. Health issues will be addressed as they arise. We getting vaccinations like the flue vaccine every year. The health and wellness diagnosis are health seeking behaviors like regular checkups and healthy life styles, eating habits and exercise, and readiness for enhanced immunization status. This data shows knowledge level of the family regarding health, and reflects the family member’s willingness to access health care.

The family follows a traditional south Indian food style. Most of the food is rich in carbohydrate. We eat vegetables, fruits and fish more than other types of meat and we eat chicken and lamb or goat. We drink coffee rarely, and we prefer tea. We eat vegetables more but we always steam or will fry the vegetables in vegetable oil with chilli and added ingredients. Protein foods like peanuts, milk, egg are included in our food style. Nursing diagnosis for our family would be readiness for enhanced nutritional metabolic pattern and readiness enhanced skin integrity. Family members take care of their own health by consuming a balanced diet and drink enough fluid to balance with body metabolism. Nobody in the family drinks or smokes. The family concentrates on exercise like walking three to four days a week in a park about two to three miles per day. My younger son is the only one that regularly goes to the gym. People in the family spend time by working in the backyard and spending time with children, which will lead to house members union. Watching programs in television and computer eases the mind and will help in relaxation. Nursing diagnosis based on this answers are readiness for enhanced self- care activities and readiness for home maintenance management. The individual family members are actively involving in self -care activities like exercising and spending time with family. Home maintenance is important for environmental health and wellbeing. The members in the family have no problems in elimination or having issues with constipation and they have regular bowel movement. No family members show problems in urinating and pass urine. The nursing diagnosis will be readiness for enhanced urinary elimination and readiness for enhanced bowel elimination. Fluid intake and fiber intake in food will prevent constipation and enhance fluid balance. The family members take care of their elimination needs by following foods as above. Except for me the family members get eight to ten hours of undisturbed sleep, which enhances health and...
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