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Family Health Assessment
Grand caynon University
April 22, 2012

Family Health Assessment
Gordon's 11 functional health patterns (2007) help organize basic family assessment information (Friedman et al., 2003). The writer of this paper will focus on health assessment of a Nigerian family after a thorough interview of Mr & Mrs Amadi and their two daughters. Mr Amadi is 48yrs, Mrs Amadi is 43yrs, the first daughter is 14yrs and the last daughter is 9 yrs. The Gordon’s 11 list health functional patterns will serve as a guide for the writer to complete this family health assessment. This paper will discuss the outcome of the above named family’s interview with the writer. Also the family health assessment was completed by the use of open ended questions, and the 11 functional health patterns were covered. Two family based nursing diagnosis was obtained following the family assessment and different health promotion strategies along with web-based resources were included in this paper. Family Values and Health Perception:

Families identify and perform health-maintenance activities based on their beliefs about health and nurses promote refinement of families' responses to each member as well as to the family environment (Talen et al., 2007). The assessment started with family values and health perception pattern .The family mentioned being Catholics, Mrs Amadi stated their spiritual belief in which they start their day with prayer for God’s guidance and protection and she make sure their two daughters pray with their Rosary and wear it everywhere they go. The family also explained various health practices and habits for preventing illness and maintaining healthy lifestyle which include proper immunization Mrs Amadi was able to present to the writer the family’s immunization record which is up to date. Mr Amadi went further to explain how he ensures that the family eats healthy foods. His reason was that his family has history of Diabetes so he tries his best to prevent himself and the daughter from having it in future. He stated “Even though I don’t have Diabetes now, I’m doing my best to prevent it’s occurrence in future” The wife mentioned that she makes sure the children take food from home to school since the husband declined to pay for breakfast and lunch for her two daughters at school because of his concerns of the poor choices of food they would make at school. The family denied drinking of alcohol and smoking. Based on the health perception, the family verbalized that they do not miss their yearly physical examination with their primary care physician. Nutrition and Metabolic Pattern

The nutritional-metabolic pattern depicts characteristics of the family's typical food and fluid consumption and metabolism (Gordon, 2007 ) Pertaining to the nutritional metabolic pattern question, the family stated that they eat regular balanced diets with plenty of veggies. The family members usually take cereal every morning before leaving the house, the couple work 8hrs morning shift Monday through Friday and the two daughters go to school Monday to Friday. Every family member carries lunch along from home. The family members eat three meals per day. The family verbalize having dinner together every evening during the week days and over the weekend the whole family eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Recent research provides evidence that family meal sharing is associated with healthier eating habits (Ayala et al., 2007; Gable et al., 2007). The husband mentioned that they are conscious of the calorie intake especially carbohydrate. The wife cooks their own food every other day. The family also that buffet once in e very two weeks mostly on Sundays. The family prefer to eat fruits than to drink soda although they buy cranberry and pomegranate juice every two weeks for the family consumption. The family members do grocery...

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