A Nurse Evaluation and Outcome

Topics: Termination of employment, Kaiser Permanente, Employment Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Title: A Nurse Evaluation and Outcome at a Kaiser Permanente Hospital Andre Bagramyan
California State University Northridge

Through the participation in the clinical setting of the Woodland Hills Kaiser Permanente Intensive Care Unit the writer has been involved with the members of this unit to develop and assess the roles of a leader. The focus of this paper is to analyze the evaluation of a nurse on the unit and the outcomes form the meeting.

At Kaiser Permanente of Woodland Hills, nursing evaluations are conducted annually. The evaluations are normally done by the Department Administrator, Sharon Kent-ICU.  It’s her job to keep accurate records of each employee’s performance. These evaluations are meant to ensure that her team is running effectively and efficiently.  After the evaluations are complete, the manager must identify the strengths and weaknesses of each nurse as well as the unit as a whole, and make personnel decisions based on these evaluations.  It is important that the manager keep accurate records of all matters pertaining to each nurse’s performance, everything from written warnings to complaints from patients and coworkers.  This paper trail is necessary in case an employee must be terminated. During my clinical, I witnessed the termination of an employee. The following is a description of the termination meeting and how the manager’s performance held up against theories in the text.   The meeting was held in a private setting. The nurse being evaluated, the manager, and I were the only people present in the room. The manager had the performance records of the nurse on her desk before the meeting began.  She started by informing the nurse that the purpose of this meeting was to evaluate her job performance and proceeded to share her evaluation with the nurse. There was a brief moment of silence as the nurse reviewed the paperwork. Through prior discussions with the manager, I was aware that this nurse was performing poorly...
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