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Topics: Friendship, Meeting, Feeling Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Question :
Wirt about 200 words on the following topic .
“Regular meetings and discussions are the best way to increase communication within a group.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement ?Write an article for your school magazine stating your opinion ,and giving reasons and examples to support your point of view .

In Hong Kong, people lead a hectic lifestyle, having tons of work to be completed and with a tight deadline. So, they can’t have much leisure time to talk with their friends, family or others . With the enhancement of technology, few people can spare some time to chat with others face to face, let alone having communication. I agree regular meeting and discussion are the best way to increase communication within a group .

First of all , regular meeting and discussion can improve your self-confidence. If you have self –confidence , you can do everything which can become easy and gentle. For example: You have a presentation , you should feel relax to present the project . But when you are shy , you may forget some important issue .Finally you may have a lower marks and your communication isn’t enhance .) Also , when we have a meeting with friends using face to face instead of e-communication, it make you communication with friends, so that you can enhance your self –confidence to talk with friends if you are shy before . Therefore you can become active to know each other .If not , they think you are very shy or don’t active to meet more friends ,so next time will not ask for you again. When we always hold meetings , we can asked some questions and share our life . For example , what are you doing this weekend ?What your favourite things? Or other question to become audacity to meet friend .Therefore you will become active and happy to meet friends .Also , we will understand more of each other and it can increase communication within a group .Although e-communication can having a group with each other ,we can’t know all of you are...
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