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experimental online schools

Topics: Education, Communication / Pages: 2 (354 words) / Published: Jul 27th, 2014
Dear editor,

I disagree with having a provided experimental online school. The fact that all the classes take place on the internet using email , online chat , etc., makes it difficult for students who are taking these courses online to gain social skills. Social skills are very important in a child's life. It keeps a relationship and also helps with work. Also if a child needs help with a problem or so , they may ask to teacher by emailing them , but they still may not understand the problem. With hands on help from a teacher I believe its easier.

Going to a regular school can help you take advantage Social skills can help you get a job later in the future and help you get promoted. Social skills are goal directed. They make you a better person. Verbally communicating with other people will help you with your behavior. There are many advantages to having well developed social skills.

Greater efficiency is part of well developed social skills. If your really that good with people and have a good communication, it will be a lot more easier to avoid being with the people you do not like much as others. It is a lot easier to attend a party or event in your life if you know at least one person who will be there. A good set of social skills will allow you to politely say things in another way.

Getting along and understanding people will increase your overall happiness. It will open many career related doors and you will be able to have the confidence to start a conversation with someone you do not know. All of your social skills with make a smile and a lead to a friendship . The way you interact will suggest if that friendship last.

Like I said, social skills are very important to a child's life. After all, you can not have good social skills with good communication. All of my thoughts about this are opinions but there true. If students get the education and gain the social skills they need , they will become more successful.



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