No Angel

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No Angel
Grief is individual because everyone handles his or her sorrows differently. No one wants to be alone and therefore to loose someone you love can be tremendously painful and difficult to overcome. On the one hand you want to get liberated from the pain and loss. You try to compensate from it by forgetting. Others want to keep the memory of the ones they have lost, because they fear the loneliness, and thereby find it challenging letting them go because death is so hard to accept. That is the reason why people find other ways to keep the memory of a lost person, like pretending they see the dead as ghosts or angels. This paradox and theme is presented in the short story ‘’No Angel,’’ written by Bernie McGill in 2010, where our main character deals with the loneliness and grief.

The short story is told in first person narrative in a limited point of view. We see the events through our main characters eyes, who’s name we are not told, which gives us a specific and circumstantial information about her thoughts. The disadvantage of this kind of narration is that we only get one point of view and thereby the main character can be essentially unreliable, and important information and happenings can be omitted from the story, but in this case it has no influence on the plot because of the composition in this short story.

The composition is jumping in time with flashbacks and flash-forwards. Some of the telling is streams of consciousness, and for that reason the chronological order has been unregulated. As an extension of this, the author tributes the short story in media res, where the story starts in an important and pivotal event. In this first event, which is a flash back in time, our main character is meeting her father for the first time after his death. Here he appears in the bathroom small talking with the main character. The specified and detailed description of the father tells us that the daughter knows everything about her father, from top to

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