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Grief Hurts

Maria Becerra


May 6, 2012

Cheryl Eniero

Grief Hurts

The grieving process is a painful life experience in which individuals cope in various ways. These people can go thru a stage where they don’t want to see or speak to anyone. For some obtaining counseling thru professional help or sharing their experience relieves the ache, and for others just by reminiscing is sufficient to grief.

The human body is not immortal and for that reason we all experience grief at one point in our life. The only difference is that we all view and react differently to the death of a loved one. We tend to be more affected by the death of a close relative or friend in comparison to a person which might just be an acquaintance. For some people even when they experience losing their pet it can be a difficult grieving process. Kubler-Ross identifies applying The Five Stages of Dying Model to both the dying and the survivor. (1969-1981).The first stage identified is one, shock and the adjustment/acceptance. There are people that become very saddened and depressed when they lose their loved one. These people can go thru a stage where they don’t want to see or talk to anyone. As a result they become secluded from the world and crazy thoughts commence to come to mind. These thoughts can lead them to alcohol, drugs and even death. The loss of a loved one can be very distressed that some people look for psychological aid. Because of people feeling alone and not knowing how to continue on in life they look for sources that can guide them thru the grieving process, depending on the person’s belief they turn to their church for guidance and counseling. Others just turn to Psychologist and end up taking anti-depressants as their source of aid. The early grief theorists (Freud, Lindemann, and Bowlby) assumed that grief became pathological when attachments to the deceased were prolonged (separation does not occur)(The Grief Process p.56) There...

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