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Newspaper Cutting Exercise
Villagers Dig In To Save Their Land
From South China Morning Post (Friday, September 14, 2012 C5)


Recently in Kwu Tung, which locates in the northern reaches of the New Territories, is undergoing a redevelopment project by the Hong Kong government. The residents who live in Kwu Tung were asked to make way for modern housing complexes, that include European-style, low density houses for 65,000 people in twenty years’ time.

The Kwu Tung development concern group was against the government’s policy, since it was difficult and challenging for them to rebuild a community after relocating the residents. The chairman also complained that the government has made no attempt to consult residents about the redevelopment plan. Kwu Tung is a place which is full of characteristic; factories there offer a wide range of products from steel and plastic to wholesale timber. You can also find the strong scent of fermenting soya beans wafting from hundred of sauce wafting from hundreds of sauce vats. However, all these will no longer exist and become part of Kwu Tung history. Comments:

In today’s Hong Kong society, housing is a major concern of a large majority of people. However, the housing policy of the government has unreasonably tilted in favour of the wealthy. From the news, we can notice that the government forced the Kwu Tung residents to move away from their living environment, relocating them to another public housing estate. Although Kwu Tung’s residents are not officially regarded as indigenous villagers, I think they deserve the rights to voice out their opinions. I feel sorry for the residents in Kwu Tung, since they are not able to prevent their village from demolition, replacing their house into luxury housing complex.

When talking about macro-scale of new facilities, Hong Kong clearly wins its neighborhood. But when it comes to cultural heritage protection, Hong Kong government has never got its job done....
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