Data Point 3

Topics: City, Suburb, Urban decay Pages: 2 (1531 words) Published: February 22, 2015
1. Using figure 4 only, comment on the characteristics on the urban landscape shown. Suggest how it could be improved. (7 marks)

Using figure 4, it would appear that densely built shacks – which also appear poor quality - are evidence of shanty town development. Because this area appears so tightly built together (and therefore isolated from the rest of the city), as shown in the bottom of the photograph, it will likely have contributed issues such as poor sanitation – whilst also suffered from lack of resources (given its lack of integration with the rest of the city). Whilst there is evidence of poorly-built housing (indicated by the metal roofing of most of the shacks), it would also seem that there has been some effort of redevelopment. Indicated by the high rise flats in the background, introducing the formation of housing by building them aloft each other should reduce the proportion of people densely populated in one area whilst allowing further space for the construction of infrastructure – potentially to integrate the slum community with the rest of the city in a more modern space that provides them with a better quality of living. That said, this scheme will likely house less than that of all populated in the slums. More importantly as well, it would seem that the scheme hasn’t at all been successful given the majority of high rise flats look decrepit – probably due to poor maintenance. In order to improve this landscape, new housing schemes could potentially be more successful than that of the high rise flat formation. Provided that authorities manage within land constraints (which there likely is in this LEDC), the city could aim to relocate families living in slums with minimal social disruption. A likely better solution that single-family homes, a project could be implemented to create small row houses (of which would be better-quality and provide residents with the necessary amenities). These could then be advertised to squatters for sale and...
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