Clearing the Slums in Tamil Nadu

Topics: Tamil Nadu, Urban decay, Slum Pages: 4 (856 words) Published: April 15, 2013
A shelter with basic amenities is the most essential need of a human being. The influx into the city was caused primarily due to the unskilled labourers from the neighbouring rural areas entering into the city in search of jobs. Due to lack of required skills and their meagre income, they occupy vacant Government poramboke/private lands near their work place and put up hutments. These settlements generally lack proper sanitation facilities resulting in kutcha houses amidst unhygienic surroundings and develop into slums. The slums continue to proliferate due to population growth and continued migration from rural areas. It is in this context, the TNSCB was set up with the objective for clearance and improvement of slum areas.

The following are the objectives of the citizen charter: 1.(i) To create an awareness regarding the policy of the Government in mitigating the problems of slums. 2.(ii) Explaining the schemes proposed by the Government like slum resettlement and rehabilitation to the public. 3.(iii) To inform the citizen about Employment training, Education and Welfare scheme introduced by the Government. ORGANISATION: The Board is governed by a Chairman, Managing Director and 10 members representing various departments of the Government.

1.(i) In view of the pressing need for solving the problems of slums within the limited financial resources the emphasis will be on clearance and improvement of slums. 2.(ii) It aims at providing good shelter to the slum dwellers at affordable cost. 3.(iii) It promotes participation of the slum dwellers in clearance and improvement of slums. 4.(iv) Wherever in-situ development is possible, such slums shall be taken up for insitu improvement and basic facilities provided. 5.(v) The slums located in congested unhygienic areas of the urban centers shall be cleared and tenemental schemes put up.

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