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Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Boy, Jack the Ripper Pages: 5 (1522 words) Published: December 1, 2014
 Troy Cunningham

Professor Carenen

English 113G

October 9, 2014

Abbie’s Courage

The beginning of Amy Carol Reeves story “Ripper” presents Abbie, a

seventeen-year-old girl that shows an amazing amount of courage through terrible

situations that come in contact with her . A situation that she was faced with, was

once her mother died, she had to basically become the head of the household and by

doing so she was left to deal with her grandmother that made her volunteer at a

local hospital. “ I remember facing Mother’s grave after her burial service,

contemplating where I would go next. But then, in that Dublin graveyard, I had

suddenly felt Grandmother’s hand, claw like, upon my shoulder. Though I had never

met Lady Charlotte Westfield, I instantly surmised her identity even under her full-

mourning attire. Her aquiline nose protruded from under the dark crêpe veil; her

poise remained undaunted by the falling rains. This woman was the stepmother in

the fairy tales mother told me, the Fury in every myth. And I left that very day with

her, for my new life in London”(Reeves 13). As said in this quote by Abbie, she had

to embrace the fact that she had to start over from scratch. The courage that was

shown by her, played a huge part in her being able to be caring and compassionate

to women and children who had a hard life, through circumstances they couldn’t

control themselves. “Courage” which was best told by Ralph Waldo Emerson, was

that courage is nothing more than self-trust. It is the right or healthy state of every

man, when he is free to do that which is constitutional to him to do (Dilworth). So in other

words, a man knows right from wrong and trusting that in the long runs you’ll make the best

decision is possible. Another big situation that is based off of this is that she would go to

any extent to find who the ripper really is, even though the visions that she is having are

terrifying she starts getting more and more information to lead her to the next murder.

Also the fact that she had to breach outside of her comfort zone, which she was not use to

at all. Abbie approaches the whole fact of her having to work in a hospital where there

was nothing but sick people there a little weird at first, and she also had a description of

the hospital being hideous and disgusting, also the walls having a filth on them that make

anyone sick, but after continuous amounts of time with the patients, she discovers that

she has a passion for caring for people. The reason for Abbie’s grandmother taking her in

and making her volunteer at the hospital is that she didn’t want her to end up like her

mother, who had got married to an artist and ran away to start her life and for that the

grandmother disowned her for it. She now wants to show Abbie what not do in her eyes,

so that she doesn't lose her as well. But she still wants Abbie to grow up in the wealthy,

extravagant lifestyle that she is a huge part of as well. One thing that her grandmother

didn’t know is that Abbie grew up around her mother and she knew how to fight and how

to take care of herself even though her grandmother was able to get her a job in the

hospital, back in the day women where not able to do jobs like that, and even when they
were able to get more involved into blue-collar jobs they were highly discriminated upon

and if they tried to assert themselves it could result in them losing their jobs that they had

fought so hard to get (Greene). But this all ties back to the courage that women have, especially,

Abbie to not give up on something when it seems like it may be impossible at first. My

mom would always have a saying for me in times of turmoil, she would say, if at first you

don’t succeed try and try again, which is something that I will carry with me for the rest...
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