Networking Pros and Cons

Topics: Computer network, Client-server, File system Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: May 17, 2013
A computer network can be identified as a group of computers that are interconnected for sharing data between them or their users. One main method for optimizing computer usage is networking. However, for those who are contemplating a change from stand-alone computers to a network system. Investigation of actual networks in use presents a paradox: network systems can be highly productive and beneficial, but they can create many complexes, frustrating problems. Simply defined, networking with computers is sharing resources by connecting two or more computers and other equipment to make computing more efficient. Networking can be as simple as connecting two computers to a single printer that two users share. More complex networks can involve not only several users who share several hardware devices and software packages Why Network? When operated correctly, networks produce many benefits: they are efficient, flexible, open-ended, and effective. By combining hardware and software capabilities, a group of users can increase the overall productivity of the unit and can reduce the cost per user. Connecting several computers to a single printer reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining individual printers for each computer and increases the productivity of the printer. Another example of the efficiency of networking is that, if a large amount of disk storage is unused on one hard drive on the network, that storage space can be shared by several users. Besides being efficient, networks also are highly flexible, allowing more options than a single-computer setup. When changes become necessary, this flexibility is especially evident: networks allow downtime to be minimized and usually are compatible with a wide range of applications. The ability to exchange data and communicate efficiently is the main purpose of networking computers. But we have to consider beyond these points to evaluate the feasibility of networking for our own...
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