Unit 1 Exercise 1

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Unit 1 Exercise 1. Local Exchange
Unit 1 Exercise 1. Local Exchange
The purpose of a Network is to share data. To make this possible, you have to be able to connect to other computers. To make this enticing to people to want to take advantage of this technology, it has to be simple not so complex. This sounds a little difficult to understand as far as a qualified answer, but to sum things up that is it. The question to ask and that many people don’t consider is how data is transferred from one computer to another computer? Transferring data that is being sent by the user who has created and initialized the transfer of information using a source such as an email service for example. How do you get information from one computer to another, and how do you make it simple and easy to do this? Companies that succeeded at doing this have a great profit with exponential growth possibilities and revenue. For example Cisco company who has made billions by allowing different groups of networks to share data across what we call the internet. Games take advantage of this technology to connect to other computers. Networking companies have succeeded so well in allowing people to connect across their internal networks and the internet that pretty much any app. is able to send data to another computer. There is a physical connection running between two computers that want to connect. This is made possible because phone lines that run from houses to switches to other houses that the phone company lets dial to each other. Or another alternative it could be network cables going to hubs and other computers. Also, it could be cable lines running to fiber optic lines, through routers. And lastly it could be radio waves that computers can broadcast and receive. There are physical devices that connect the computer to the network of lines that you use to communicate over. It could be a modem, a network card, a radio transmitter, or a router. There are a set of software...
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