Network Management Paper

Topics: User Datagram Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, Internet Protocol Suite Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: May 14, 2013
1)Encode IP address in TLV format

01000000 00000100 00001010000101000001111000101000

2)A network manager discovers that a network component is performing poorly and issues an order to the technician to replace it. Which MIB group contains this information for the technician to find out the physical location of the component?

SysLocation in System group\\8 - Net-MGM-5.ppt
3)TCP is a connection-oriented protocol and UDP is a connectionless protocol. Indentify the differences in the two MIBs that exemplify this difference.

TCP connection table has local and remote addresses as indices. (the connection details) UDP Table is only a listener table and has only the local address and port as listening port and does not keep track of the remote address and port.(No need connection details)

4)Discuss the reasons you think the designers of SNMP prefer to transport SNMP messages over unreliable UDP rather than TCP as the transport protocol?

Often, the time when network management is most needed is in times of stress, when the network may be severely congested and packets are being lost. With SNMP running over TCP, TCP's congestion control would cause SNMP to back-off and stop sending messages at precisely the time when the network manager needs to send SNMP messages.

5)Discuss the differences between SNMP and CMIP with respect to the underlying communication mechanism.


Polling versus Reporting
•SNMP works by polling (central management processor asks each device for its current status) •CMIP uses reporting where the device reports if a change has been made (failed devices can't report)

Size and Performance:CMIP needs more resources

Transport Layer Protocols:
•SNMP uses datagram via IP and UDP
•CMIP uses connection-oriented sessions

Protocol Standards
•CMIP - uses OSI International Standard
•SNMP - uses TCP/IP which is controlled by the Internet...
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