Neolithic and Single Central Court

Topics: Neolithic, Zhou Dynasty, Mesopotamia Pages: 4 (1738 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Directions- answer the questions as completely as possible. If you do not have the questions with the answers then I expect you to answer in complete sentences. These “WYR” assignments will help you study. Part 1 (pg. 2-3)

Please note that the book uses the terminology “Part 1” instead of what the AP World History Exam calls “Period 1.” There is also a slight difference in date. The book defines Part 1 as 3500-500 B.C.E. whereas AP World History defines this Period as only lasting until 600 B.C.E. Not that big of a deal just wanted you to understand. 1. What do the authors mean when they use the term “Before History” or prehistory? What tools do historians use to learn about this time? 2. Why is the Neolithic Revolution considered a beginning point for history according to most historians? When did the Neolithic Revolution occur? 3. Why is surplus food so important?

4. How do historians explain the development of social classes? 5. What is culture?
6. What is pastoralism and why do you think they were better suited to serve as “truckers” along trade routes? Chapter 1
Paleolithic Society (pg. 10-11)
7. Describe what the Paleolithic Era was?
8. For the most part historians view the Paleolithic as a time with relative social egalitarianism, explain their line of thinking. 9. Apart from social egalitarianism there was also gender equality in the Paleolithic Era. That being said, what evidence can you find that women possibly were more important during this Era? The Neolithic Era and The Transition to Agriculture (pg.15-22 10. What major change occurred that helps define the Neolithic Era from the previous Paleolithic? 11. There’s no way to prove it but historians tend to believe that women contributed the most to early agriculture. Do you agree? Explain. 12. List the various independent places that developed agriculture along with a few of their crops grown and domesticated animals. 13. What is the purpose of slash-and-burn agriculture and how did this...
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