Agriculture Review Questions

Topics: Agriculture, Irrigation, Public Land Survey System Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Chapter 11 Agriculture Review Questions

1. What events lead to the beginnings of the First Agricultural Revolution? How did the First Agricultural Revolution lead to the formation of urban areas? (you should incorporate plant domestication, and animal domestication in your answer)

Events that lead to the beginnings of the First Agricultural Revolution are plant and animal domestication helped humans settle down. Plant domestication allowed humans to cultivate root crops and seed crops. Root crops are reproduced by cultivating either the roots or cuttings from the plants. Seed crops are plants that involve a more complex process in which includes well-timed harvesting. Animal domestication had advantages such as humans can use the animals as beast of burden, a source of meat and as providers of milk. The First Agricultural Revolution lead to the formation of urban areas by since people didn’t have the need to migrate along with animals or go to different places to find specific crops, they settled down. As more people settled down, more urban areas were created.

2. What is the agricultural impact of the Green Revolution? Be sure to list the positives and potential negatives of the Green Revolution.

The agricultural impact of the Green Revolution was the positives included increased food production that led to many people to support genetically engineered foods, and brought new high yield varieties of wheat and corn from the United States to other parts of the world. Then like most things the Green Revolution had potential negatives too. Negative in which include that people question of gene manipulation could increase health risks produce environmental hazards, chemical fertilizers and pesticides which lead to reduced organic matter in the soil, groundwater pollution , has increased vulnerability to pests, and smaller farmers are in a poor competitive position and are being driven off their land.

3. What imprint does agriculture make on...
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