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Green EAndy Deras
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The Green Revolution DBQ

The Green Revolution is the introduction of new genetically engineered crops and more complex tools and technologies. The Green Revolution started in 1945 due to the large population of the world and the inadequate production of crops. The world was in such a depression that groups of scientists and engineers created newer farming technologies, genetically engineered crops to improve fertility, and many other inventions. These ideas and creations are still being developed and altered even today. Yet Throughout history, The Green Revolution seemed to produce more harm to most lower class harvesters and farmers than they did to the richer upper class land owners.

Before the 1950’s the population far exceeded the world’s food supply index (document 2) and even though other parts of the world such as Mexico produced more crops than places like India (document 1), The overall food supply was extremely slow and was unable to support more densely populated areas. A very inspiring Inaugural address by President Harry Truman (document 3) proposed an idea to solve the agricultural depression at that time that might’ve encouraged other important aspects of the Green Revolution. The statistical fact on the world’s food supply index and the Mexican-Indian crop production were all put together by the United Nations agricultural group FAO making them very reliable sources of information. In The Inaugural address by President Harry Truman, other facts and people with first-hand experience during that time can tell you whether or not his plan impacted their lives as much as the Green Revolution.

At first, the Green Revolution seemed to bring hope and prosperity for the future because of such technologies that helped restore the helpless soil. Dr. Norman Borlaug stated (document 4), in fact, that this new revolution (well new at the time) could solve the needs of overpopulated areas for the future of humanity or...
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