Negotiation and E-Commerce

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In this paper I will describe to the best of my abilities different ways of performing e-commerce and different means of communications that can help you reach a better final agreement when taking part in a negotiation. A global statement of e-commerce these days is of course the fact that it is more and more widely used worldwide of curse due to the fact that it allows people to perform all kind of purchasing without losing time traveling. It also makes the buyers save some money by of course not spending money on gas, plane tickets and all other kind of transportation. At last, they can do it from the comfort from their home which is of course a key aspect to the success of such a performance these days. However, in this introduction we can also state that this practice does have a few negative aspects like all new “technologies” I should say. The main one being the fact that you lose the whole aspects of the original purchasing process. Having no face to face interaction with the seller it is for example not possible for you to get advice if you have certain doubts on the product you are buying. In this method you have to do and take all the decisions by yourselves and this can be an issue. You need to be sure of what you want and need to be aware of all the characteristics of the product you are buying in order to avoid making a mistake in your purchase. However despite those issues that of course all new technologies have to face, e-commerce remains like the best option nowadays for many people that don’t have time because of their work for example, and nothing seems to indicate that the trend will go back in the future years. We should be seeing its importance continue to grow in the following years. E-commerce is at last the typical of new ways of negotiating in a way. A new way compared to what could be done before with face to face negotiations of course, emails or phone calls or more recently Skype interviews for example. I will a bit later analyze the way of negotiation using email and see how this method can bring both positive and negative impact to a negotiation process in general.

Literature review ;

Throughout the years email communication have been pointed out to be very useful in the work place. The following researches were made in the previous years and highlight that fact: * Email has been described as a hybrid language that has arisen as an amalgam of components taken from other language varieties: postcardese, headlinese and telegraphese (Ferrara, Brunner and Whittemore 1991: 12). Because minimalism seems to be developing as the preferred style, Mulholland (1999) has warned that this could damage interpersonal relations. * Markus (1994) found users selected email deliberately when they wanted to avoid unwanted social interactions but they also took steps to avoid negative outcomes

How communication media create conflicts on distributive and integrative negotiations?

In this paper will discuss how media can intervene on negotiations and how can these can enter on conflicts. There are two types of negotiations distributive and integrative. Distributive negotiation is the one that a concession should be making, and in the other side the integrative communications is the one that integrates the concession making but it also search for profitable alternatives, it also the one that brings and provides the maximum solutions or joint benefits for both sides. The conflicts or the effects of media can impact the negotiation, as more technology we get, as easier or as complicated. The ability of communication it is essential for a great negotiation to get a good deal. And it is prove that media communication can affect a fundamental part of the negotiation. In simpler words, a distributive negotiation occurs when the two parties negotiation are let’s say facing each other, trying to get the best option for themselves and not give any importance to the personal needs of the...
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