Discuss the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society.

Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Marketing Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: January 19, 2013
P 2.2 Discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society.
Ans Positive effects of e-commerce on society
* Convenience
* Helpful for disables and aged people
* Time saving
* Information availability
* Helpful for new business
* Jobs for society
* 24 hour service
* Available niche products
* Disintermediation
* Environment friendly

Negative effects of e-commerce on society
* Unemployment
* Increase in crime
* Health concerns
* Natural causes
* Loss to retailers
* Environmental harms
* Wrong information
* Returns and complaints

Explanation positive effects

1. Convenience : e-commerce is very convenient for customer ,because it accepts different type of credit and debit cards and as many other forms of payment as possible . customer don’t need to go anywhere for payment ,customer can carry as many items in stock as possible to avoid backorder ,it is often convenience because the order goes hand –in –hand with in timelines to customer. 2. Helpful for disables and aged people: as the disable and aged people are less able to walk and might be live alone , so by the e –commerce they don’t need walk to door to door of different shops in that search of things ,whatever they need that will come to there door within the timeline, within reasonable prices and if they don’t like the product they can return it back within the time period of product 3. Time saving : with e-commerce, consumer can save their time, because they can have access to their money through internet and work all from a desktop computer and save the time of going to so many different shops in search of thing they wanted ,they will get so much choices on e-commerce at sitting at there home, in that mean time they can do there different works . 4. Information availability : e-commerce enables consumers to make price comparison so that they can make more appropriate...
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