Make a Justified Conclusion About Whether It Would Be a Good Idea to Proceed or Not (D1)

Topics: Antivirus software, Website, Tesco Pages: 6 (2030 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Distinction 1:
Going Online: The benefits and drawbacks of Tesco PLC:
Tesco is a public limited company, is clearly that Tesco is a successful business; it is in the third place in the rank of largest retailer in the world. Tesco still want to achieve their aims and objective to keep growing and investing in their business. Tesco, made easier to achieve their aims and objectives when they decide to operate their business also online. Using the virtual world the Tesco’s customer can do shopping, insurances, and use all services that they offer using the computer. The Benefits that they have is that they increase the profit, because more people nowadays prefer to buy online than go out for shopping, and they also meet the customers need building a good reputation. The drawbacks that they may face is that someone are not used to use the online service, and sometimes If they do any mistake the customer will be unhappy, and the mistakes are normal on the online world, sometimes can be a computer fault or a human mistake. But doesn’t matter the problems that a business may experience when they operate online, is always a good opportunity to have business online, because online the business will be available for the whole world, and a different public will be available to find your business, increasing the possibility to attract new customer and increasing the number of sales. Distinction 2:

Dealing with the operational risks:
Risks | Possible solution| Cost for that |
Payment security: The business can victim of Card Not Present, fraud when someone is using stolen card to buy goods online. | Have the SSL (Secure Sockets layer) encrypts the information in a browser, such as internet Explore. This protects the buyer who sees a locked padlock symbol. The SSL guarantee the security for the customer because they know that all their personal information will be kept safety. | The price depends of the package that you may choose, the highest price can be around £ 350 and the lowest price can be around £ 40 for year. The prices are different because the highest one may have more facilities like: all browse support, issuance speed, support, and others.| Unfamiliar trading conditions: When a business goes its website will be visible all over the world, so it could easily be dealing with customers in unfamiliar markets. This may mean coping with unfamiliar regulation and legal requirements, as well as different cultural expectations | The business may make clear, where they operate, and make their business local or national, to don’t have any future problems. Also ask where the product should be delivery before confirm any order, to don’t build a bad reputation and lose customers. | Isn’t any software that the business can use, but they may lose a lot of money if they confirm any order and won’t be able to deliver it. | Errors in ordering: : Order forms should be designed to automatically check for errors by querying unexpected entries and areas left blank and reminding customers if they omit any essential information| The site should also be designed to prevent other obvious mistakes such as submitting the same order form twice. The returns policy should be clearly stated and take into account the legal rights of customers. | The software that makes any correction automatically should be including on the website design price. If any problem with order may cost the customer money back and postage price as well. | Potential use of personal information: An online business cannot put private information on its website or disclose customer details to other people| The website should include a privacy policy which states how customer information is used by the business. | Just will have a cost if any customer information is available for anyone, this can end in the court, and the business may have to pay finance to the customer. | Vulnerability to hostile attack: All online businesses can be vulnerable to...
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