Negociation and Conflict

Topics: Dispute resolution, Negotiation, Conflict Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: February 25, 2013

WS12/13- Research Project Question Answer only one (1) Question 1. During international talks, effective relationship negotiators focus on a variety of noncontractual issues, including: a. Understanding and respecting each other’s cultures, expectations, and goals; b. Identifying and planning for potential obstacles to implementation Research and provide practical supporting evidence as to why the above noncontractual issues are worth considering. 2. In your opinion, do you think organizational conflict is healthy for the growth of an organization? State 3 reasons why or why not and support your detailed opinion with relevant research. 3. What is Negotiation and under what circumstances can conflict be resolved through negotiations? Using the case of Lehman Brothers, state and discuss clearly with relevant research why some negotiations fail. 4. List the main differences between Distributive and Integrative Negotiations and discuss with wider research the circumstances under which each can be successfully applied and why in certain cases each would fail. 5. With various cultural and ethical factors to consider when negotiating internationally, research the best approach(es) to employ when tensions rise between a Chinese business owner and his American counterpart. Based on your research findings, discuss the likelihood that each party can overcome the temptation to be attached to a specific negotiation position. 6. Do you agree with the argument made by Borisoff and Victor (1998) that, “the best strategy for conflict management depends on the desired outcome”? Support your opinion with detailed relevant research. 7. List and expand on at least 8 effects that organizational conflicts can have on an organization. Support your answer with detailed relevant research. Mode of Evaluation: Research Project (50%), Presentation (50%) Students are expected to critically select their choice of research topic and apply appropriate...
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