Causes and Avoidance of Conflicts

Topics: High school, Teacher, 2007 singles Pages: 4 (1759 words) Published: August 28, 2011
What is conflict? The dictionary says that it is 1competitive or opposing action of incompatibles; 2to show antagonism of irreconcilability. In other words it’s usually a fight between two people who don’t get along for one reason or another.

Causes of conflict: I will speak about what I have experienced. • My first conflict was with someone who used to be a friend. We have known each other a few years. We used to hang out in the halls at school together with a group of other friends and clown on each other and clown on other people who passed by. This somewhat made people think that we were a “bad group of kids”. We said they also might think that because we were mostly a minority group (Black and Hispanic with one or two white friends with us). None of us were doing much work or any sports in school. I always played sports throughout grade school but because of my grades I wasn’t eligible so I guess I was bored. My mom started telling me to get my grades up so that I could play again because she knew that I needed something to keep me focused on school. So with support from my principle and the football coaches I got my grades up and I became eligible. That was the best feeling; being able to play again. I still kept my friends but it started to get harder to keep up with them, school, football, and then track. My coaches, my principle and my mom told me that I needed to break away from that group and concentrate on my school work if I wanted to keep playing sports. I admit that when I did break away and start hanging out with different guys (football players and track team) I saw that we had more in common. Breaking away started tension with my first group of friends and me. They started saying that I thought that I was too good to hang out with them anymore. One of their moms told me that I was not “all that”. I even tried to explain to them but that didn’t do any good. All through the school year the tension got...
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