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The National Basketball League is home to the very finest athletes in the basketball world. This is ultimately the highest level of competition offered in this sport. Due to the fact that this is the peak level out there, there is a great amount of competition that occurs within this level itself. Not only do teams compete against each other to try and win games, but also the players compete for who has the best skill sets. Obviously since there are different positions on the court and different roles that the players possess, there must be different categories that they can be compared in. You cannot just determine a best player because no one individual is the most elite at every single aspect of the game. This is also true because it is arguable what skills on a basketball court are the most valuable to an individual, as well as to the team. Due to this controversy, it is often very difficult to decide who is the most elite player or players in this case. To help determine this, we can look at overall team records to decide what teams skills merge most effectively, and additionally split the players themselves into categories of many different skill sets. These stats came only from the regular season because preseason and postseason records are not included in this edition. The three basic categories that will be observed in this article are best overall record, best offensive skill sets, and best defensive abilities. In depth coverage of the most talented in each of these divisions follow.

First of all, the fairest way to determine the most successful teams this year is by looking at who has the greatest overall record on the season. This issue is only discussing the largest part of the season, the regular season. The reasoning for this is that in the preseason teams often do not even let their most talented players onto the court due to risk of injury. This is the time when the rookies can get a feel for the game, and...

Bibliography: Elias Sports Bureau. 2012-2013 NBA Stats
and League Leaders.ESPN. April 23, 2013.
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