Native Land Claims

Topics: First Nations, Indigenous Australians, Aboriginal peoples in Canada Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: February 13, 2006
What is the current status of the First Nations Land Claims in the Province of British Columbia? Assess the progress that has been made so far and provide some suggestions to expedite the process.

The Canadian government says that it is dedicated to making its obligations to First Nations by discussing issues and bringing closure to all claims. Canada likes to underlie that by looking at the historic inequality and building strong partnerships among First Nations people; governments, and the private sector are emerging. Nevertheless, the current progress of First Nations Land Claims is very unhurried and seems to be deliberately painstaking. The Canadian government divides Aboriginal claims into two categories that are dealt with under a detailed process made up by government. The first category is considered the Comprehensive claims which are founded on Aboriginal rights and title that have not been extinguished by the Indian Act or other legal means. All land claims fall under the comprehensive claim. The second category is called the specific claim, which is those regarding breaches of treaty promises, improper isolation of reserve or surrendered lands and loss of First Nations Band funds. These specific claims, which are breaches of treaty promises have been settled very slowly. Canada has officially settled 100 of the 600-700 specific claims that are still in question. Also, only ten comprehensive claim agreements have been settled since 1973 when the federal government's policy was announced. STATUS

On the provincial level, British Columbia and the First Nations in the province started the British Columbia Treaty Commission to facilitate the negotiation of treaties. Its main purposes are to evaluate the readiness of the parties to begin negotiation, to allocate negotiation funding to Aboriginal groups, assist in obtaining services to resolve disputes, and monitor on the status of negotiations. There are currently 57 First Nations participating in...
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