National Service Training Program Written Report

Topics: High school, Voting, Election Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: July 13, 2013
\National Service Training Program
Written Report

Submitted to
Professor Albert Oasan

Roman Manuel
Mark Yabut
Austin Miasis
Ezekiel Dela Cruz
Joshua Visaya

Institution: Ramon Avencena High school
Ramon C. Avancena High School is a public school located in Sta. Cruz V, MANILA. Last May 13,2013 the Senatoriables Elections were held and Ramon Avencena was chosen as one of the schools which will be a place for voting. As part of our NSTP requirements, we were required to help out in partnership with NAMFREL Manila and be part of the elections.

Here is an evaluation of the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats also known as the SWOT analysis. Strengths
The strengths we found during the Election Day and in Ramon Avencena High school is their location and area. Ramon Avencena is a nearby school in Manila. Beside the school are residents of the area. Walking distances are the houses from it which are less hassle for people. Since Ramon Avencena is a public school, the government has provided for it and thus the school is big. The advantage of it that we saw is that since it is big, rooms were used for “waiting” and “voting”. Weaknesses

the weaknesses we found during the Election Day in Ramon Avencena High school are their man power and their utilization of rooms. They lacked men in helping out to maintain order during the election. There were a lot of scattered people who went to anywhere they could. The security isn’t good as well. Anyone could just enter. There were people who were eating, sleeping, breastfeeding along the corridors of the school. Some people needed directions. I said their advantage was their area a while ago yet utilization of rooms weren’t done. There were more open rooms for waiting but they only opened a few ones which resulted to people crowded along the corridors. Opportunities

I give the opportunity to NAMFREL. Since we see the lack of man power, that’s where NAMFREL comes. NAMFREL is an...
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