Douglas Fine Foods Harvard Case Solution and Analysis

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MGMT 2130 CASE ANALYSIS Exam Winter 2015

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No electronic devices of any kind are permitted during the exam. Make sure your cell phone/pager is turned off and kept out of sight. If you have a question or have to go to the bathroom, raise your hand. Answer all questions in the exam booklet.

Time: 60 MINUTES
Mark Received

Section I

/ 12

Section II

/ 8

Section III

/ 20

Section IV

/ 20

Section V

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/ 75

1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (12 marks) Conduct SWOT analysis based on information in the case. Also, any assumptions should be listed here and labeled as such. 2. Statement of the Problem (8 marks)

This is the briefest, but perhaps most difficult section of the case analysis. The problem should be a basic underlying problem; it should not be a symptom of a larger problem. The problem will be related to the concept planning, decision making, and/or strategy. 3. Causes of the Problem (20 marks)

This section should analyze in detail the causes of the problem you have identified in Section 2. At this point ensure that you apply appropriate course material to your analysis. 4. Possible Alternatives (20 marks)

Identify possible solutions. Make sure that the alternatives address the stated problem. 5. Porter’s Five Forces (15 marks)
Use Porter’s Five Forces model to analyze the industry in which company competes.

Douglas Fine Foods Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
Problem statement
Currently, the company is facing a number of problems due to which the CEO is deciding to revamp its business strategies. These strategies include severe decision regarding the mergers and acquisitions. The transformation of the business from a family owned world class dairy product to a highly professional organization that is present in almost all aspects of their value chain. Now the company wants to develop a vision that supports all the complexities of its business decision and provide a framework for potential acquisition and financing activities. It is highly important for a company to create a vision that aligns company’s operations and cultural transitions. Introduction

A hundred-year-old company has gone through several buyouts and merger decisions. The business has emerged from a small food and beverage company with a world class catering business whose services are considered to be compulsory from school cafeteria to the large banquets. Douglas fine food is number one privately owned food services Company of Canada. Its financial strengths are also contributing positively to the portfolio of the company. The company provides food services for banquets, home picnics, and high-quality cooking equipment on customer demand. The company has passed through common lunch servers to warehouses and government offices to corporate formal meal and ceremonial dinner.  

The New CEO of Douglas fine foods Matthew Douglas is currently considering making a decision for the purchase Matthew Douglas of his father’s from his two elder brothers. The decision is so intense that he has to take care of all aspects that will affect this buyout. The newly held CEO had not decided to take these serious decisions up till the time when he clearly announced to be a complete owner of the organization. From the beginning of Douglas fine food, the company has contracted on the expansion of business by having concrete relations with the consistent food consuming organizations. The company has also established its franchises in the streets of Canada. These authorized franchises are also generating large finances of the company through their flexible food deals and brand...
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