Narration essay

Topics: Mother, Mind, English-language films Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Jayson Turner
English 1101
Mrs. Weddle
Narration Essay

First Time Home Alone
Just about every teenager aches for his or her first chance of staying home alone. The thought of being home without any parents, without any authority is amazing. I used to be one of those teenagers. I was given the chance to have the whole house to myself my sophomore year of high school. It was a big step in responsibility at the time. I had never been home while my parents went out of town for a full weekend so I was excited. I did the one thing any kid in high school would do and I called everyone I knew and told them to come over. I soon figured out that was not such a good idea.

It was a late Sunday night about 9 pm in October, I was watching TV in my room just minding my own business when I hear my mom screaming my name, “Jayson get up here right now!” I walked up the stairs slowly as if I was in fear of my life which from the sound of my mothers voice it was the perfect reaction. My mom and dad were both sitting on the couch side by side. They told me to have a seat and told me we need to talk. Now when your a teenage boy and you hear those words its never good, whether its your girlfriend talking about how she wants to spend some time apart or, in this situation, where your parents want to talk about what you did wrong.

Its never about what you did right only the wrong. I find it kind of funny that this really only happens to boys but I guess we all have the curse. They both stared me down simultaneously and asked, “So what did you do this weekend while we were gone?” At this point in my mind I was freaking out cause while they were gone I decided to have some friends over for a party and that was the one rule given to me to not have people over. I thought to myself there was no way they knew, I took extra precaution to make sure neighbors had no idea there were people at the house so no one could complain.

As I sat there in silence my father turned to...
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