Narrative essay

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My childhood was full of happy times; my parents strive to keep my child hood active, we took family trips yearly .I participated in beauty pageants, I was also on the cheerleading team until the age of twelve. I was always raised believing education is important to become successful in life. The most significant change in my life during my first year of college ,I met my first love who I would do any and everything for .I knew finishing college was important but my fist love thought school was boring .He introduced me to the party life which included drinking and smoking marijuana. Through my Trials and tribulations I manage to pull my act together, I had a daughter to set an example for. I took a trade in medical billing in coding; I receive my certification eighteen months later and was offered a full time position to work for a clinic. Two years later a supervisor position had become available. I decided to apply; I knew I would get the position because I knew everything there was to know about the opening position. To my surprise I wasn’t qualify for the position because I did not have a degree. Working full time in a clinic is not enough for me; I decided I want more out of life. I want to earn a college degree in Health Care Administration. My confidence in my ability to succeed in college is stronger than it ever has been. My commitment to work through difficult learning situations is what failed me in past. As situations became difficult, I would panic and say to myself I couldn’t do it and I didn’t. My goal is to succeed in achieving my degree. I’m willing to accept feedback from others, I can learn from others feedback whether positive or negative manner. I plan to invest more than enough time in my assignments and utilize my time management skills wisely. I follow a schedule of my assignments; doing so will help me complete my assignments on time with accurate
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