Living with Parents vs. Living Alone

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“Moving out for the first time is one of the biggest steps you’ll take in life. It not only represents your freedom, independence and a sense of growing up, it also tests your ability to make it on your own.” (Kahler, 2007) Whether to live with your parents, or move out on your own is one of today’s biggest decisions. There are many advantages and disadvantages with either situation, but most young people may not realize that when time comes to make a decision. There are many responsibilities and roles for these individuals in either situation. Teenagers should think about everything before he or she moves out on his or her own. There are many reasons for living with a parent or living alone.

If you live with parents there will always be someone around, but on the other hand if you live alone you will most likely be alone most of the time and that could be depressing. If you live with parents’ there will always be someone there to help you out, but if you live alone you have a lot of things you have to do by yourself. Yet, if you live alone, you can have people over whenever you want without anyone getting upset because they are being too loud or staying over too late or it could be the other way around, if you live with your parents you probably won’t be allowed to have anyone come over at all.

Living alone may seem great and be lots of fun, but living alone also has disadvantages. Living alone, teens tend to have more responsibilities than they know. They have to cook and clean on their own, which some young individuals may not know how to do, so they will spend more money on fast foods rather than staying home and cooking. Young individuals who live on their own also have to pay for their utility bills when, on the other hand, if they lived with their parents they wouldn’t have to pay rent or utilities, so it wouldn’t be so stressful for this person to live comfortably. Yet, young individuals living on their own have the freedom to come and go as they

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