Myall Creek Mascarre

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Myall Creek Massacre on June 10, 1838
What is Myall Creek Massacre?
Myall Creek massacre (1838) an incident in which, in retaliation for an alleged “outrage”, White station hands killed 28 Aborigines at Myall Creek in New South Wales, Australia. As a result, 11 White men were tried for murder. They were acquitted, but seven of them were retried, found guilty, and hanged. There was much public protest. Although prosecution of White people for such an incident was unusual, the incident itself was not, and Aborigines continued to be indiscriminately killed as settlers moved into other parts of the continent. Who was responsible and what happened on that day for the Myall Creek Massacre? The twelve men responsible for the massacre included freed and assigned convicts that had spent a day unsuccessfully pursuing Aboriginal people. When they came to Myall Creek station they discovered a group of Wirrayaraay. The Wirrayaraay were rounded up and tied together. A few minutes later they were led off and massacred. Two days later the men responsible for the massacre returned to the scene of the crime to burn the bodies. When was the Myall Creek Massacre?

Myall Creek Massacre, was on 19 June 1838
Where did the Myall Creek Massacre take place?
The Myall Creek happened near Bingara in Northern New South Wales Why did the Myall creek massacre happen?
The Myall Creek Massacre happened for a few reasons.
1) The people committing the offence after their trial admitted they did not know it was illegal to kill aboriginal people. 2) The people involved in the massacre had been exposed to Aboriginal murders in many circumstances so were hardened in their own feelings and thoughts regarding Aboriginal people. 3) The Aboriginal People of Australia were sytemically discriminated against in such a way that they were not even recognised as human beings by law. They did not have to be paid for work carried out, they could not vote (until the 1960s), Since they were not Christian...
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