Massacre At Mystic

Topics: United States, Pequot, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: September 25, 2014

On May 26th, 1637, a group of Narragansett and Mohican Native Americans along with English Puritans assembled an alliance. They all had one goal; eradicate the most powerful tribe in southern New England, The Pequot Tribe. They began conflicting over property, warfare, division of labor and nature. The English thought the Puritan men were lazy because the women did all the cooking and gardening. The alliance made a deal to not harm women or children. On that night, the group, led by John Mason, snuck to the Pequot village, with the intent to kill the men. The Pequot forces were too strong. The puritans then decided to burn the village, with the Pequots inside. Hundreds of Pequots were killed, as well as some Englishmen, others were sold into slavery. This, in turn, harmed the elderly, men, women, and children. The massacre was a tragic event that had forever changed America for the natives. The English believed that the only way of life, was their way of life. Their goal was western expansion. The Natives, unfortunately for the English, controlled all of the western land. Puritans manipulated native enemies into killing one another. A systematic idea of killing all Pequots began only a few weeks later. As a result, the Pequot tribe was considered extinct, even though little remained. The English hoped the few remaining would forget their ways. The Narragansett Tribe, approximately eighty years later, was destroyed in the King Philips War. The final Pequots reemerged in Connecticut on a reservation appointed by the government. The land was difficult for survival due to insufficient soil and many other factors. Their reservation became smaller and smaller as the English began to take the land for personal use or for money. The Puritans goal of wiping out the Pequot Tribe was almost a success. Nearly three hundred years later, only three Pequot remained. They were all elderly women, living alone on the reservation. The women intended to...
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