My Philosophy of Life

Topics: Religion, God, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: September 30, 2010
My Philosophy of Life
The philosophy of life will be different in everyone. Some will believe that there is a supreme God or gods, some believe that you make and affect your own life. Then there are some who believe in a mixture of both. My philosophy in life is staying true to my religion or faith as some people like to call it. I believe that every individual needs a set of rules to follow, in my situation it is Islam, meaning submission to God. Now I’m not saying that everyone should be Muslim. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism all follow the basic concepts of man, which I think are respect for others, practicing non-violence, being the bigger man and turning the other cheek. These are are things I try to practice in my daily life, in hopes to becoming a better person.

There are people that believe in God but a different view of what God really is like. There are people who think that killing others for the sake of God is justified but only appeals to them for political reasons. The way I think of life, is largely influenced by my parents and their background. I’m a first generation American for my family, so I’m not fully conservative with Pakistani traditions. I don’t always go to the mosque every Fridays, I don’t always eat halal food, but I do manage to keep a balance with my daily struggles in school and friends with my faith.

Little things like helping an elderly person carry bags, or respecting your parents can affect your personality. People might say I’m a nice guy, but I know deep down that I am the way I am because I choose to follow my religion, and I don’t feel guilty about myself or as though I’m Rizvi

a hypocrite. I don’t personally if I will be rewarded for my deeds in the afterlife, but I do like to believe that I will. This directly influences my behavior in a positive way because I’m not doing anything that is perceived wrong.

People tend to let religion in every aspect of their life, whether it be school, government, work, etc....
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