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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Alicia Waggoner
NUR 391
September 15, 2010
Sandra Ulmer, RN, PHN, MSN

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Edwards stated “philosophy is an attitude toward life and reality that evolves from each nurses beliefs” (1997, p. 1089). To figure out one’s philosophy of nursing, the nurse has to first figure out what nursing means to the individual. Philosophies are personal views and are influenced by different facets of the nurse’s development and educational background.

This is a philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of Alicia Waggoner. My personal philosophy of nursing is to use the holistic approach. All dynamics of the patient need to be taken into consideration when providing care. The physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the patient needs to be the main focus of patient care. The patient is to always remain at the center of care. As a nurse I believe that nursing integrates humanities, arts, and with a foundation of the health sciences. While putting the patient first it is sometimes difficult in a structured setting to do.

When dealing with the patient, you also have to put family dynamics into consideration. The patient’s support system includes the family, loved ones, significant others. “Although initially it may seem to cause more work to engage the family, in the long term, work and life is made easier by their inclusion. Such inclusion often reassures families that their relationships can continue in spite of changed circumstances. Staff and families also get to know each other -- resulting in a more harmonious environment” (Farvis, 2002, p. 1). Providing care to patients in a caring, respectful manner is important. The nurse can help patients become involved in care and keep the patient informed about what is going...

References: Edwards, S.D. (1997). What is philosophy of nursing? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 25, 1089-1093.
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