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Make a seperate file for english hhw and cover it properly

1. Write a poem (10-14) lines or Article on the topic School:A Temple Of Learning(100-150 words) 2. Write a critical Analysis on the life history of the poet William Wordsworth(Roll No. 1- 30) OR Robert Frost(Roll No. 31-50) using relevant pictures. 3. You have read two fiction so far (unit 1 and 2 from literary companion). Which Character Appeals to you and why? Write a note on that character(150 words)(Unit Seperately for Unit 1 And 2) 4. Prepare a chart using relevant pictures/slogans/quotations/proverbs Topic: Beat The Summer Heat(Roll No. 1-30) OR Social Networking(Roll No. 31-60) 5. Write a descriptive writing about your favourite advertisement which you watch on T.V. Use Relevant Pictures for the following. Also Include the following:- 1. What the product is

2. Description of the advertisement
3. Why do you like it

6. Write down the meanings of the following and write down 1 sentence with each

7. Back Stabbing
8. A dead market
9. Answer the door
10. Bird Brain
11. Break Out The Champagne
12. Carrot and Stick
13. Put a brave face
14. a jack of all trades
15. Black hand Goverment
16. In 7th Heaven
17. Gift of the gals
18. Sixth Sense

i. Write Down another 10 idioms of your owm along with their meanings.

1. Except No.4 Everything has to be done in a file which must be covered properly i. No. 4 Has to be done in a Full Chart Paper
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