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Digital Bangladesh
Digital Bangladesh is a wonderful vision that is dreamt by the government and the literate class for the technological development of Bangladesh. Digitalization has become a buzzword in the new era of information technology. We can now learn in an instant what is happening in the furthest corner of the world. The electronic transfer of information via the internet has created an interconnected world of information.  Bangladesh is going to observe digital year in 2011 to mark the journey to digital Bangladesh. The government has taken up an initiative for setting up Union Information Centres (UIC) in 1000 unions in line with the dream to build Digital Bangladesh by 2021. This programme is a welcome development towards reaching information technology facilities to the doorsteps of rural people. The village people will easily get information about agriculture, health, education, marketing and employment from the UICs. The government has also moved to formulate new laws empowering an authority to set up six hi-tech parks with the aim of establishing foreign investment in the information technology sector.The Supreme Court (SC) is going to be digitalized soon. All cases related to information of the SC will be available in its website. Dhaka Metropolitan Police is also going to install a hi-tech monitoring system in the central control room to make contact with the on-duty police anywhere within the metropolitan area. Digitalization will largely change banking and financial activities. Worldwide money transfer and transaction of business have now become a matter of clicking the mouse of a computer. Some products like software and TV programmes are also amenable to digital transmission. We will be able to buy and sell goods through the electronic screen if we can make a Digital Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, encouraging development towards digitalization of Bangladesh by 2021 can be possible. The ambitious dream for a Digital Bangladesh will remain a...
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