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AP Environmental Science
Air Pollution, Climate Change, & Ozone Depletion Unit Test

Name: _________________________________________________ SID# ________

Questions 1-3 refer to the following regions of Earth’s atmosphere. (a) Thermosphere
(b) Exosphere
(c) Troposhpere
(d) Mesosphere
(e) Stratosphere

1. The phenomenon causing global warming occurs primarily in this region of the atmosphere. ____ 2. The beneficial ozone layer is in this region of the atmosphere. _____ 3. Most oxygen is found in this layer of the atmosphere. _____

Questions 4-6 refer to the gases listed below.
(a) H2O
(b) CO2
(c) CH4
(d) O3
(e) CCl2F2

4. A greenhouse gas that is exclusively anthropogenic ________ 5. The most abundant nonanthropogenic greenhouse gas ________ 6. A greenhouse gas that, in the lower troposphere, is formed by photochemical reactions ________

Questions 7-8 refer to the following air pollutants.

(a) Sulfur dioxide
(b) Lead
(c) Ozone
(d) Hydrocarbons
(e) Particulates

7. Most often cited as the causative factor for acid deposition ________

8. Considered harmful in the troposphere but beneficial in the stratosphere ________

Questions 9-12 refer to the layers of Earth’s atmosphere in the temperature profile shown below.

9. Region where the protective ozone layer is located ________

10. Region that contains the majority of molecules in the atmosphere ________

11. Region largely responsible for the weather experienced at the Earth’s surface ________

12. Region with the lowest atmospheric pressure ________

Questions 13-16 refer to the substances listed.
(a) Asbestos
(b) Radon
(c) Lead
(d) Carbon monoxide
(e) Formaldehyde

13. Found in old plumbing pipes and fixtures and some ceramic glazes ______

14. Composed of fibers known to cause lung disease ______

15. Emitted from most manufactured building materials and furniture ________

16. Colorless, odorless gas that is naturally occurring decay product of uranium ______

Questions 17-18 refer to the following graph.

17. The data in the graph can be useful in explaining the greenhouse effect when they are compared with a. volcanic activity
b. sunspot activity
c. mean global temperatures
d. annual nitrous oxide production
e. cycles of flooding and drought

18. The annual fluctuation in carbon dioxide concentration can best be explained by the a. seasonal use of fossil fuels
b. regularity of volcanic activity
c. deforestation in the tropics
d. El Nino events
e. seasonal photosynthetic activity of green plants

19. Which of the following is true of carbon as it cycles in nature? a. Carbon dioxide is released during photosynthesis.
b. Carbon compounds rarely exist in the gaseous state.
c. Carbon sinks include forests and oceans.
d. The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is reduced by cutting trees. e. Carbon is concentrated in igneous rocks.

20. Which of the following is used to reduce SO2 emissions from coal-burning power plants? a. Catalytic converters
b. Ultrafine mechanical filters
c. Electrostatic precipitators
d. Wet-scrubber units
e. Afterburners

21. Global climate change occurs because increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses in a. the troposphere absorb outgoing IR radiation
b. the stratosphere absorb outgoing IR radiation
c. the troposphere absorb incoming UV radiation
d. the stratosphere absorb incoming UV radiation
e. neither the troposphere nor the stratosphere absorb incoming UV radiation

22. Which of the following human activities is most closely associated with depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer? a. Mining of coal
b. Disposal of refrigerators and air conditioners
c. Heating of homes and factories
d. Generation of electricity
e. Agricultural irrigation

23. Although levels of CFCs in the...
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