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Topics: Writing, Essay, Past tense Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: September 30, 2013
ELL Writing – Short Essay #1
Chronology, narration, and description are fundamentals of effective writing, so it makes sense to start with these basics in our first formal essay assignment. Please read this handout carefully; doing so will ensure your success with the project. Assignment: Write a 3-paragraph essay that includes chronology, narration, and description as methods of developing your ideas – telling your story. Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is to give you the opportunity to experience your writing process as you develop a formal essay. Your purpose is to convey the significance of a personal experience to your readers. Audience: Me! This may seem obvious, but carefully consider what this means as you choose your topic. Length: Your essay should be at least 3 paragraphs – it may be more, but not less. The Writing Process for Short Essay 1: The following list outlines the process you will need to follow in order to receive full credit for the formal essay, so follow the instructions carefully, keeping documentation of each step. 1. Complete at least three pre-writing strategies: freewriting, brainstorming, quadrants, and/or mapping-clustering. Review the ideas you’ve generated and choose a topic for your formal essay. 2. Repeat step 1 until you find a suitable topic.

3. Formatting and drafting will be started in the computer lab on Wednesday, September 25. 4. Bring a word-processed, printed draft to class for review on Thursday, September 26. Complete the workshop worksheet with your partner(s); keep the worksheet that was filled out by your partner and be sure his/her name is on it. Keep a copy of the workshop draft for your folder. 5. Revise your essay using the suggestions made by your peer reviewer(s), me, and/or tutor(s) in the Learning Center. Remember: make changes according to what you think is best for your readers! Print a copy of this draft (#2) for your folder. 6. Complete the Writing Reflection for Short Essay 1 (see the back...
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