My Dream 4 Nigeria

Topics: Nigeria, Robbery, Brad Pitt Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: October 5, 2010
My dream for Nigeria is for a safe country. A country where there are no armed robbers, where one can safely walk around in the night; gather together with friends and family without being robbed: a great and corrupt-free Nigeria. Without corruption Nigeria would be a great country, where things will work. My dream for Nigeria is a country of hardworking and honest people - where its leaders do not enrich themselves with public funds: I dream of a Nigeria where politicians are not greedy or steal the country's money. I wish for a Nigeria where politics is not a moneymaking business. I want our politicians to love us and care for us. My dream is of a Nigeria where the leaders care about the citizens and have programmes for them. A Nigeria where the leaders are approachable and are not arrogant, nor disturb the citizens with their sirens! I dream of a Nigeria where leaders do not detain those who advise them truthfully. My dream of Nigeria is a country where electricity supply is uninterrupted. A country where I can watch movies, iron clothes - without fear of electricity outages. I dream of a Nigeria where streets are well-lit; and thugs and thieves do not harass innocent people: I dream of a safe country. My dream for Nigeria is to have a good transportation system. That is one of my dreams. A Nigeria with good roads, and good rail roads. A Nigeria where traveling is pleasurable and not dangerous: a country with good roads and fewer accidents - I dream of a nice train journey around the country. My dream for Nigeria is where being ill is not a death sentence - A Nigeria where hospitals do not dispense fake drugs; a country where hospitals are not for the rich only but for the poor on the streets as well. I dream of a Nigeria where universities are not closed half of the year; where the public school system still works, and where the children of the rich go to the same sc [pic][pic][pic]hools as the children of the poor. A country where children of the rich do not...
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