Muscle and Fracture Types Bone

Topics: Muscle, Bone, Bone fracture Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: June 14, 2014
Muscular and Skeletal System Worksheet


Complete the following steps before answering the questions below:

1. Review the following clinical illustrations in ADAM:
Clinical Illustrations
Skeletal System- upper limb- radial head injury
fracture types
bone building exercise
Muscular System – upper limb- active vs inactive

2. Review the Joints Case Study at the anatomy and physiology place.

3. Answer the questions below. You may use your text and any other resources you wish, please be sure to cite your sources! Submit your answers as a word document to the week 3 dropbox.


1. List two factors that keep bones healthy. Describe in detail how these factors impact bone health. Two factors that keep bones healthy are: Physical activities and Posture. Posture
The right posture will protect your bones from accidental fracture or other damage. Strengthen the core muscles in your back, abdomen and thighs, and do regular stretches to keep them flexible. Stand tall and sit up straight to keep your body in the correct alignment and to protect your skeleton from harm. Physical activity

Bones may be different to muscles in appearance, but they respond to exercise and activity in a similar manner. Bones build up strength through exercise, just like muscles, and continued activity maintains bone strength and health. Give your bones a treat and move around more. Walking or dancing, where the bones bear some of your weight, are great fun, as well as being good exercises for bone health. Reference:

2. Describe the process of healing a fracture

Bone fracture healing is a compound procedure in which it happens with in four steps. And all bone fractures must go through this process: first, inflammation: white blood cells move to clean up fragments that the fracture created. Second, Soft Callus: when the blood cells split and multiply...
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