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Multimodal Analysis

By totallyk Oct 21, 2014 319 Words

Komal Patel
Professor Sondra Washington
EH 101- Multimodal ad Analysis
29 September 2013
There are reasons to believe in a better world
This ad is part of Coke’s global campaign, “Reason to Believe.” It is based on a study conducted in 2010 about the real situation of the world, which urges consumers to look at brighter side of life; and to believe in a better and happier tomorrow. The message they are trying to send across is, “For every reason to fear, there is a reason to hope. For every reason to give up or give in, there is a reason to dig deeper and try harder. And for every reason to doubt, there are countless reasons to believe in a better tomorrow.” That is the idea behind an up-to-date Coca-Cola campaign that celebrates the notion that, despite of ongoing economic unpredictability, political chaos, natural disasters and more, the good in today’s world far outweighs the bad. The ad is simple yet inspiring, and has a catchy music. It also has an engaging lyric that is easily understandable by an ordinary person. The ad is filled with a high emotional quotient and a feel good factor that makes an instant connectivity with the global community. Kids in the ad lend warmth to the ad. They are shown throughout the ad because they are the future, seen as the face of change, and are full of hope and positivity. A force that inspires optimism, hope, unity and love resulting in a culture of care and support. The connection of the context is very relevant to that of the ultimate goals of humans - they want to be happy and the ultimate goal of Coke is for theirconsumers to feel happy. Coke is not pretending to save the world but making people want to have Coke to spread happiness. The ad is a subliminal retention.

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