Fxb International Paper

Topics: Want, Need, Albina du Boisrouvray Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Khalil Ferguson
English 10a
Professor Neuffer
FXB International
Every advertisement is supposed to appeal to a certain group of people; the purpose of the ad is, to draw the attention of anyone who can relate to its message. According to Jib Fowles, professor of communications at the University of Houston Clear Lake, and author of the book: Advertising and popular culture, “…. Emotional appeals fall into several distinguishable categories, and that every ad is a variation on one of a limitation number of basic appeals.” (Fowles 52.) A lot of non-profit organizations use their ads to bring awareness to problems around the world. One non-profit organization wants to raise money and awareness for the world’s orphans, and those who are living with aids. FXB is named after François-Xavier Bagnoud, a helicopter pilot who specialized in rescue missions. FXB International is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 by his mother, global philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Albina du Boisrouvray. FXB’s mission is to fight poverty and AIDS, and support the world’s orphans and vulnerable children. They do this by advocating for their needs and basic rights, and providing direct support to families and communities that care for them. (fxb.org)

Not every child the organization supports has a family to care for them. “Some children do not have to tidy up their rooms”. This quote is written on one of the ads for FXB international showing a little orphan African boy, living in a box and in writing it says the quote stated above. I was always taught to be grateful for what I have, because there are children who don’t even have a roof over there head, or 3 meals a day. And because humans are naturally curious, a few questions popped into my head. This ad appealed to the need to satisfy curiosity. “Humans are curious by nature, interested in the world around them, and intrigued by tidbits of knowledge and new developments.” (Fowles 62). I was attracted to this...
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