Nursing Care Plan Abaquin

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Connection to self
Express desire for enhanced acceptance; coping courage; forgiveness of self; hope;joy;love; meaning/purpose in life; satisfying philosophy of life; surrender

Express lack of serenity

Connection with Others
Request interactions with significant others/spiritual leaders Requests forgiveness of others

Connection with Powers Greater than self
Participates in religious activities; prays
Expresses reverence/awe; reports mystical experiences

Connection with Others
Provides service to others

Connection with Art, Music, Literature, Nature
Displays creative energy; listens to music; reads spiritual literature; spends time outdoors


Readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being Ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through connectedness with self, others, art, music, literature, nature, and/or a power greater than oneself that can be strengthened.

In relation to Abaquin’s theory this nursing diagnosis is very suitable for it because it provided nursing interventions to address multi-dimensional problems of cancer patients. This provides a holistic approach to nursing care.Goal: after 4 days of nursing intervention the patient will be able to: •Acknowledge the stabilizing and strengthening forces in own life needed for balance and well-being of the whole person •Identify meaning and purpose in own life that reinforces hope, peace, and contentment •Verbalize a sense of peace/ contentment and comfort of spirit •Demonstrate behavior congruent with verbalizations that lend support and strength for daily living

Ascertain client’s perception of current state/degree of connectedness and expectations. •Determine relational values of support systems to one’s spiritual centeredness....
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