Multimedia Presentation

Topics: Critical thinking, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Multimedia Presentation
The e-learning lesson presented by Kristin to other teachers focuses on student learning styles and differentiated learning styles uses several e-learning principles to promote critical thinking skills in teachers. Kristin uses an assessment to enhance the worked example with the teachers through collaboration and feedback. She follows the guidelines that should be applied in a presentation in order for the learner to benefit most from the presentation.

Kristin’s presentation is directed toward teachers as her learners. No two learners learn in the same way and many teachers do not know how to reach his or her students learning styles. The multimedia principle is used throughout Kristin’s presentation. Clark and Mayer suggest that e-learning material should include images as well as spoken and written text (2008). This is important because text and images do not typically hurt the experience of the learner; it improves the performance of learners new to the material (Clark & Mayer, 2008).

The segmentation principle is used in Kristin’s presentation. There are several learning styles presented, by breaking down the material into manageable segments the learner is not overwhelmed. In segmenting the material Kristin has also used the pre-training principle to introduce the terms used in her presentation, so that the learner is not overloaded by the amount of information provided.

The contiguity principle is followed in the text, graphics, and audio portions of Kristin’s presentation. Kristin’s narration goes right along with the text on each slide and the corresponding graphics. By using integrated text and graphics the learner has a reduced need to search for which parts of a graphic correspond to which words, which allows the learner to devote limited cognitive resources to understanding the material (Clark & Mayer, 2008). The personalization principle is a part of Kristin’s presentation through the narration of the material with...
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