Inclusive Learning Is About Recognising That

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Inclusive learning is about recognising that each of your learners is different from other learners in many ways, and should not be excluded from any of your activities within your sessions for any legitimate reason.’ (Gravells 2008, pg 21).Teaching and learning sessions should be devised so that all students can participate and reach their learning goals and feel a sense of achievement. We as teachers must select the correct resources and deliver them in a manner that will include all types of learners. It is essential that we adapt session plans to suit these resources and delivery methods to try and give all learners an equal chance of succeeding. Working with adults with learning disabilities, it is crucial that we identify the needs of the learner early on in the course, especially through initial assessment, to ensure that the right amount of support is given so that students can achieve. As Petty (2004) suggests the verbal channel of communication is the one most often used in teaching, but for many purposes visual information is more effective. Research shows that information enters our brain in the following way: 87% by eyes, 9% by ears and 4% by other senses. Visual aids offer variety and interest and are often a form of teaching in which I rely on as a teacher of adults with special learning needs. This is due to many of the students I teach having limited or no literacy skills. When a task is set that requires ideas to be written down, it is fundamental that I assign a support worker to that student or group of students to ensure that their ideas or thoughts are recorded to ensure inclusivity within the learning environment. 1.1 Explain how approaches to learning and teaching in own specialism meet the needs of learners. It is very important to use a variety of teaching strategies so that you can keep your learners engaged, and that you can cater for as many learning styles as possible so that all levels of learner can be stretched and challenged....
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