Mrs. Fields' Cookies Case Study

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Describe a typical day at work at Mrs. Fields’ Cookies for Store manager, District manager, Regional director of operations, Store controller and for Debbi and Randy Fields. Answer to question#1
Store manager performs the following tasks at work:
Enters workday characteristics for the system to structure overall tasks. ➢Schedules production, including inventory management.
Hires new employees.
District manager performs the following tasks at work:
Manages 6 stores (6 store managers are reporting to him/her). ➢Reviews 50 pages of store reports.
Reviews and set quotas (amount of bonus a store manager could make) for each of his/her 6 stores. ➢Involves in local marketing decisions.
Regional director of operations performs the following tasks at work: ➢Manages 6 district managers, who each cover 6 stores (total of 36 stores). ➢May also manage a store directly, in addition to 36 stores. ➢Works with Controller in Utah to discuss any accounting differences. ➢Involves in local marketing decisions.

Reviews 300 pages of store reports.
Store controller performs the following tasks at work:
Manages between 35 and 75 stores.
Reviews daily reports summarizing overall sales.
Monitors and manages unusual activities.
Debbi and Randy Fields performs the following tasks at work: ➢Debbi is in charge of all operations including store operations, product development, human resources, and public relations. ➢Randy is in charge of business strategies including information system and technology, finance, real estate and growth opportunities. Question#2

What type of strategy is in place at Mrs. Fields’ Cookies? Answer to question#2
There are 3 types of strategy in place at Mrs. Fields’ Cookies. They are: ➢Business strategy. Mrs. Fields’ Cookies chose to use “differentiation”. ➢Organizational strategy. Mrs. Fields’ Cookies chose to have non-hierarchy organizational. More specifically, it was mentioned in the case study that, “there was no official organization chart”. ➢Information system (IS) strategy. Obviously, it showed in this case study that Mrs. Fields’ Cookies used management information system (MIS) well. Question#3

Describe the value chain of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies
Answer to question#3
Primary activities – according to Porter’s model
LogisticsThe system computes projections, prepares, and generates orders for supplies. OperationsThe system computes and generates production schedule each day. ➢Employees bake new cookies according to schedule and keep it for sales for the maximum of 2 hours. Outbound

LogisticsThere is no outbound logistics involved. Cookies are only sold in store.
Marketing and
SalesThe system periodically suggests sales strategy after sales information was entered. ➢Product: Focus on fresh products. Cookies not sold within 2 hours of being baked were given away or discarded. ➢Price: There is no information on price in the case study. ➢Promotion: Passing out free sample. Making sure that free sample is easily accessible. Another aspect that was focused on is food hygiene to attract more customers. ➢Place: Store is strategically located outside the food court, normally near department or clothing stores to target impulse buyers. ServiceTreat employees as important as customers.

Encourage employees to be “wacky” and personable so that customers feel comfortable purchasing cookies.

Support activities – according to Porter’s model
OrganizationBelieved in “The less hierarchy, the better…” which means focusing on managing internal customers would take them away from managing the key business processes. Human ResourcesPlace high value on employees by using “promote from within” strategy. ➢Employees are rewarded for their performance with a bonus system. Technology Believed in “Demeaning for people to do what machines can do” which means employing technologies to free managers from tedious tasks that a computer can do....
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