Tanglewood Case 2

Topics: Management, Affirmative action, Employment Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: January 23, 2012
Table 1.1 Markov Analysis Information
Transition probability matrixCurrent year
Previous year(1) Store associate0.530.
(2) Shift leader0.000.500.
(3) Department manager0.000.000.580.120.000.30
(4) Assistant store manager0.
(5) Store manager0.

Forecast of availabilitiesNext year (projected)
Current Workforce
Previous year(1) Store associate8,50045055100003485
(2) Shift leader1,20006001920.00.0408
(3) Department manager85000.04931020.0255
(4) Assistant store manager15000.09691260
(5) Store manager5000.00.00.03317

Gap analysisNext year (projected)
Year end total
(column sum)4505111069417145
External hires needed
(current workforce-total)399590156 215

Environmental Scan
Based on the environmental scan, it has been concluded that Tanglewood may have a hard time filling their vacancies in the future. Even though the unemployment rate in the area is high, recent forecasts suggest that expansion in the professional and managerial sectors of the labor market may reduce the number of individuals available for these jobs. Since Tanglewood only promotes from within, the entry level position of store associates does not appeal to many applicants. College graduates with management degrees are hesitant to start at a low position and work their way up. Many want the managerial position without putting in the work.

Action Plan
Based on Table 1.1, it is forecasted that Tanglewood will need to hire over 4,200 employees. Since Tanglewood has a policy of promoting internally, most of the positions that will be filled will be store associates. It is believed that Tanglewood will need 3,995 store associates, 90 shift leaders, 156 department managers, 21 assistant store managers, and 5 store...
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